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Are You Wondering What You Should Eat During Your Stay in Vegas?

Are you wondering where and what you should eat during your visit to Vegas? Your choices are unlimited. Las Vegas can be very hot. Avoiding rich food is a great way to stay healthy during your trip. Don’t you want the energy to party? Don’t let your food weigh you down.

The way to stay healthy during your visit, is to stick to a salad-based diet. If you prefer to eat comfort foods, you’re not out of luck. Believe it or not, there are a lot of salads that are made to appease lovers of comfort food. As a matter of fact, some of the best salads are available in Vegas. Vegas is known to attract talented people, and that includes chefs.

Salads are an easy way to increase your daily intake of fruit and veg. Salads are packed with fiber, which helps to aid your digestion. Are you struggling with a hangover? Let’s be real for a moment. Although it doesn’t apply to everyone, a lot of people have a tendency to drink a little too much while in Vegas. Salads contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that will help you get over a hangover faster than you normally would.
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If you’re worried about not getting enough calories, there are easy ways to rectify that. Ordering the best salads in Las Vegas, means you can also customize them however you please. What’s important is enjoying your meal, not eating something you don’t like. If you’re still not sold on the whole salad thing, here are a few suggestions. An apple chicken salad is a tasty meal. It doesn’t need to be drenched in mayo. Some great mayo substitutes are low-fat yogurt or apple cider vinegar and lemon juice. If you must have it with mayonnaise, ask for a small amount of mayo on the side. For the nut lovers, you can add walnuts. If you’re into mixing sweet with savory ask for extra apples and cranberries.
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Are you obsessed with bbq food? You can enjoy bbq as a salad, believe it or not. The meat you order will taste better if the coleslaw comes without mayo. You can stick with vinegar or try it with olive oil and vinegar for added flavor. If you don’t eat meat, there are other ways to get your protein with salads. Lentil and quinoa salads will give you the added protein and a lot of fiber too! To add flavor, add tomatoes, lemon, kale, herbs, and olive oil.

You don’t need to be strict about your salad diet while you’re in Vegas. By all means, order the food you love. Your goal should be to keep a balanced diet and have the energy you need to stay awake. You can find and enjoy the best salads in Las Vegas, so you may as well order a few!

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