Signs it is Time to Seek Vail Dentistry Services

There is no question that a person should seek the services of vail dentistry professionals at least twice a year. However, there are some situations where a patient ignores symptoms and signs of an issue that indicate that dentistry services are needed now. Getting to know some of the indications of a problem can help ensure a person receives dental treatment in a fast and effective treatment.

Sore Gums

In many situations, if a person’s gums are sore, it is one of the first signs of gingivitis. Gingivitis is the earliest stage of periodontal disease, which can eventually lead to tooth loss if it is not treated in a timely manner. Other consequences of not seeking timely treatment include damage to the jaw bone and serious infections elsewhere in the body. Signs of sore gums include pain, sensitivity, gums that are swollen, redness, or bleeding.

Bad Breath

Approximately 50 percent of people suffer from halitosis (bad breath) at some point in their lives. While this is usually nothing serious, if it occurs frequently, it may be a reason to schedule an appointment with a dentist. Bad breath can often be the result of the following issues:

  • Medical conditions such as gastric reflux, sinus conditions, kidney or liver disease, and diabetes
  • Warning sign of advanced gum disease
  • Advanced cases of tooth decay
  • Dry mouth which is a condition when the mouth doesn’t create enough saliva

Pain from Wisdom Teeth

The wisdom teeth are the last teeth that erupt (appear in the mouth). In most cases, they show up during the latter portion of the teen years or during early adulthood. Not everyone will have to deal with wisdom teeth, while others may only have one or two. However, they can cause issues for people who have all four. They can only come in partially, or may even be crooked. If a person feels any level of pain from the wisdom teeth it is best to see a dentist right away.

Taking the time to call a dentist if any type of pain or unusual issue is present is well-worth it in the long run. Don’t underestimate the benefits that a dentist has to offer. Being informed is the best way to know when it is time to schedule an appointment with a dentist.

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